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Welcome to SafARI T.A.I.L.S Adventures. We look forward to helping you understand the misunderstood.  


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Available Packages

These are traveling packages unless otherwise specified. 
Basic Safari


An informative birthday show with a variety of animals. Party includes 6 different animas such as a mammal, bird, snake, lizard and an invertebrate.
Standard Safari


This package includes 8-12 animals with a choice between a large snake or giant tortoise.
Deluxe Safari


Guarantees 2 giant species along with 15+ of our other animal ambassadors. Includes additional hands on interaction time and an additional special birthday surprise Premium Pal for our guest of honor.

$55 per person

** This is an on site tour and separate from the traveling packages.
An in depth behind the scenes tour of the facility. Includes hands-on feeding experiences. Minimum group of 4. Ages 2 and under free (with 4 paying persons)
Specialty PaRties
Sloth Encounter
Premium Pals

Specialty Parties

These are parties that feature specific types of animals. 


$350 - Includes 7-10 of our bird and mammal pals.

Slithery Snake

$350 - Includes 7-10 of our slithery snake pals.

Reptile Party

$375 - Includes 10-15 of our scaly snake and lizard pals.

Creepy Crawly

$250 - Includes 7-10 of our fascinating misunderstood invertebrate pals.

Sloth Encounter

Encounter last about 1 and a half hours. You feed and interact with Not only Ozzy the sloth, but some surprise animals as well. 
$95 per person and 2 person minimum. **
** Pricing for Sloth ONLY - with surprise animals is $140 per person 

Premium Pals

Available with any package, You may add premium pals to enhance your event. 
$35 for the first premium pal, and just 15 for each additional after that. 

What our clients say...

Kaite M.

BEST birthday party ever!!!! My little boy LOVES reptiles so we picked that package. She also surprised us with a few mammals and tortoises. She has an “add on” of a few animals and he chose the 13ft python. They were very knowledgeable and answered all of the questions and then let EVERY kid hold whatever reptile they wanted. My little man even got to bottle feed the mammals, he was in heaven! I even believe a few snake haters learned like snakes...by the end they were Atleast petting them. All of the kids and adults had a wonderful time!!! Safari Tails Adventures has several other party packages too! We are looking forward to checking out their special zoo in Lumberton, very soon! I’m sure his whole class will be joining us. Thank y'all so much, Arianna and momma - Safari Tails!!!! Y’all made not only my little boys day but SEVERAL other kids day too!!! Y’all deserve WAY more than 5*! 👏

Denise H.

We went on a tour to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. We drove three hours (one way) to get there, and it did not disappoint! Arianna and her parents are so friendly and very accommodating. You can tell they truly enjoy educating people about the animals they love. The tour was everything we hoped it would be and more!

Jay B.

WOW! Is all I can say about this awesome place. This was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. If you have kids or if you just enjoy animals, this is the place to be. I would take my kids here over any zoo. The interaction with the animals was an experience I’ve never had. All the stuff you see on Animal Planet are here and you can hold them, pet them, feed them (when it’s time for them to eat) and let them climb all over you. I would drive 5 hours to go back, but this is our hidden jewel, almost in my backyard. I look forward to going back, with my daughter, because she was sooo jealous!!

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